Back To Reality

Welcome back folks. Welcome back to a Tuesday morning after what was probably one of my only vacations this summer. Friday afternoon I packed up the blankets, pillows, clothes, food and lawn chairs and headed out to a good friend of mine’s cabin for what was to be a very fun filled weekend of mostly eating and laying around.

Nonetheless, after a coffee, water, 157 minutes of driving through Alberta construction zones, two almost uncontrolled bathroom breaks and about 30-some gummy frogs we made it to the cabin. That which is nestled in a little nook crammed between the neighbour’s overlooking beautiful Skeleton Lake. I must also add the only  thing that motivated me to get through the preceding week, was the fact that I get to look at this while enjoying my morning coffee.

I’m not sure what it is about leaving the city that makes me want to live my life in the bush, perhaps it’s the layer of smog accompanied by the million or so cars scooting in every which direction or the ravenous trashy jersey shorians running rampant in the streets. Either way I just can’t seem to pin point what exactly the reason is for not wanting to live in a major city.

Oh yeah, I remember now.

Waking up to this every morning and the birds chirping is not so bad. I’d like a piece of this about ten minutes outside of the city. Just far enough out of reach that I can’t be bugged but also close enough to run to seven eleven for a Slurpee.

Regardless, the weekend was spent eating amazing food, floating in the lake with wonderful friends and drinking copious amounts of water because it was so friggin hot!

On the Saturday a couple of us escaped for the afternoon and went into Boyle (yes the town is called Boyle) a small town bordering the lake that pretty much supports those lovely country folk that live out here year round. We travelled in to do a little shopping and little shopping did we do. However, we did visit a quaint antique shop that marked up every single thing it sold. All the city slickers ventured in there looking to buy vintage items to recapture their youth for way more than it was worth.

“Excuse me how much is that broken pair of ray bans missing a lens?” “One hundred and eight dollars dear.”

That’s when we decided to check out the Value Drug Mart across main street, where I managed to swindle 4 Blistex chapsticks for 5 bucks!  I only needed one but they were on sale 2 for $2.50, which was amazing considering they are four and change each in the city.

After which we made our way back to the cabin where we spent the remainder of the afternoon approaching dinner swimming and whizzing around the lake on a large inner tube, which I am sorry to say, is named Big Bertha.

We had an amazing birthday dinner for my friend Spencer which was amazingly delicious and I must apologize I would have posted pictures but I was too busy stuffing my face.

Which was followed by a nice calming game of scrabble in the sun with good food and friends. Naturally they were all drinking in the sun, which is why I almost ended up winning.

Naturally we were all exhausted at this point.

Once darkness had fallen we had our second fire of the weekend and all I have to say is there is nothing better than propping up the bare feet in the heat of the flame with a nice cold beverage and a bag of Spitz. Especially after breakfast fit for a king, antique shopping, sea doing, swimming, scrabble and eating some more.

We couldn’t get it started with the ten pounds of paper we had so we just poured some gas on it.

Does anyone else see a raging cat face in the flames? Or am I just crazy?

Like every good weekend it always comes to a unrequited goodbye and in the end you you feel like you’ve emerged from a seemingly life changing experience, when really all you did was eat, sleep and drink. Then you end up coming back fat, sleepy and slightly worse for ware but in a better way than when you left. You get home early because you need time to acclimatize yourself to the fact that Monday is hiding around the corner waiting to gobble you up like a Venus Fly Trap and you end up going into work looking like this.

– courtesy of


…Minus looking like a boy looking like a girl dressed as a boy. 


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