Sugar Bowl – A tale of tassels and cronkites

Okay so, let me begin by saying I’m sorry I have neglected you. Although you may be feeling some abandonment issues that haven’t arisen since childhood, I can assure you I did not do it on purpose. I’m sure your mother never meant to leave you in that shopping cart in the middle of Zellers either but this shit happens. We can’t control these things.

The reasons for my unforgivable scarcity is a new project that I have taken on at my 9 – 5 ‘er. This project being probably the biggest I have taken on, will have me crunching numbers until the cows come home. It’s a good thing though. Good thing meaning a). I have work to do, instead of figuring out how many ways I can organize my paper clip collection and b). it provides me an opportunity for advancement. Although some may not see it that way, the workplace is a competitive one.

So today I spent a good portion of the day sifting through this, only to realize about half way through that it is absolutely pointless because who in their right mind would keep things organized so other people can decipher what the hell is going on here!

I must apologize for the pictures. I took them on my phone so they are low quality.


Then came the thunder. Literally. This storm rolled in out of nowhere, as they do. Which left me feeling refreshed and intoxicated with the smell of fresh rain.

The best thing about working on campus is that it is flooded with hipsters and on a day like today, quite literally. Then my most favourite of favourites suggested we go to Sugar Bowl because you know, it’s a hipster kind of afternoon.

Sugar Bowl is probably the best pub in the city to relax after one of those days. 

This is Sugar Bowl. Packed full of hipsters, business men and retiree’s of the campus life, it pulls you in with it’s uneven brick walls and mismatched furniture. It’s a restaurant that captures the essence of what individuality is. A simple visit here will leave you with an artistic side.

If you happen to be in the area, I highly recommend that you drop in and enjoy a drink or two or even better there scrumptious yet unusual menu with its progressive paprika popcorn and precious yet powerful pulled pork sandwich.

I myself praise the pulled pork to it’s highest. Claiming it the best in Edmonton. Seeing as how I couldn’t let down this diamond in the rough by sticking to my usual favourite, I decided to go with the non-traditional chicken and waffles. I say non-traditional because the chicken is not deep fried it’s pan seared, making it seem a little bit healthier. Not by much.

Of course chicken and waffles wouldn’t be chicken and waffles without a Belgian Ninkeberry beer personally selected from yours truly from about 350 types of brew.

I think the best quality of this little nook is that they feature artwork from local artist regularly. Maybe some day I will have my photography here. So you can for the price of a meal enjoy your own personal art gallery at the same time.

So after the long day was over, everything was righted by a visit to my favourite pub with my bestie. Now I’ll sit here and enjoy a cup of my favourite tea “Mother’s Little Helper” from David’s Tea

Valerian root is your friend. Trust me.


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