T&T Supermarket – Asian occasions

This evening my mother and I decided to take a trip down to T&T the asian supermarket. To pick up some wonton wrappers because lets face it, I make a pretty mean wonton soup for a white guy. A story for another day perhaps, I’ll make a mental note of that one.

The best things about coming to this place is as follows:

1. The moment you walk into T&T you are in complete culture shock. You feel as though you have stepped into Tokyo.

2. The entire place is filled with the joyous aromas of fresh pastries, flowers and produce.

3. The moment you begin shopping you are greeted by shiny labels with happy faces smiling back at you, kangaroo’s shooting heart shaped gummy candies out of their pouches and items covered with languages you’d never identify.

4. You can while you shop listen to the happy asian music that accompanies you around the store.

5. The shopping carts are small hand baskets on wheels that you drag around the store behind you.

6. They have the best produce bar none.

I wish that I would have taken more photos, especially of the things I just mentioned but really you must go see it for yourself if you have one in your area. You’ll have to excuse the photos that I use  since I have taken them with my iPhone and are not the best quality.

My mom decided once she had seen the fish that she was not leaving without something to bring home and stink the house up with the smell of cooked crustaceans.

 Like these Jumbo Prawns.

Or a lovely assortment of fresh fish and fish heads.

Then she decided some crab would be a good catch and slowly creeped up to the asian lady who seemed to be fluent in the selection of “good ones”.

She asked her what she was looking for when she was checking the crab. She said she was checking the bottoms of the crabs to make sure that they were free of brown spots and were nice and white on the bottom.

After about five minutes or so of me standing there taking random photos of my crazy mother and this creeped out asian lady she found one she wanted. With the help of her new found T&T friend. She picked two of them.

I think the clerk behind the counter was wondering why she was asking him so many questions.

This is Francis.

The best part of my trip to this store was that I was looking for toothpaste and I couldn’t find it. After discovering the toothpaste section, of course next to the noodle section, I found what I thought was a teeth whitening kit.

Until I picked it up and turned it over only to discover it was not for your teeth but rather your face. Yes that’s right a bleaching kit for your face.

To my understanding in most asian cultures you are considered higher class the whiter you are. This is because traditionally those who worked labour intensive jobs work outside and as a result are darker skinned and therefore weren’t from a wealthy family. Most who worked outside were considered lower class as oppose to those who stayed inside. If you ever feel like having a whiter face this would be the place to come because I pretty sure that this would be the only place you would find something like this.

Anyways, there you have it, a taste of asia. My favourite supermarket to go to, the staff are always so friendly and of course like I said above, all of those things are what make this place so enjoyable for me.

I tried looking for bonsai pots and even bonsai’s but no luck. Sorry everyone!




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