Pedal to the Metal

This post comes to you a bit late I must apologize. Now that summer is over things are starting to go back to normal. What I have been wanting to show you for months now is my new vintage bicycle that I bought for 20$ and have been restoring!! I know right? You can bring your jaw up of the floor now.

But really. It’s exciting for me.

ImageThis is what it looked like when I bought it.


This is what it looks like after I worked on it and added gadgets n’ things. I looks a little different now but I am too lazy to upload another photo so you’ll just have to imagine as I explain what I did next.

Do you remember when you were little and you had a bike that had a coaster brake? You know, the one where you would pedal backwards to slow down and stop? Well I special ordered this coaster brake back wheel because apparently the bike is like 40 years old and they don’t make that size anymore. Long story short and three weeks later I slapped on the new coaster brake all in a pathetic attempt to feel like a kid again…which I did.

There is more yet to come.

ImageThis is the new wicked cool seat that I installed. It’s brown, it’s hipster, I’m a loser I know. The best part of it is this…

ImageIt has brake lights!

The only thing I have left to get for it is some nice new shiny black fenders and a brass bike bell.

I’ll keep you posted as the time comes.


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