Polly Magoo’s: A World of Beautiful Things

My last post to you was less than climactic in an attempt to tie you over until I gain enough strength to post something interesting. What is that called? Writer’s block or something? Not being exactly a writer in any respect makes me feel like I’m off the hook. Instead of dodging my readers, I’ve come out determined to face my fears and continue on with what it is I set out to do 8 months ago. Bringing the essence of what I live for to you.

Recently, I have had the opportunity to document and explore a store that I have been in a few times before this. It resides in Edmonton. However, the contents of which come from a land far far away. Tucked away in the heart of Whyte Avenue, this little store called Polly Magoo’s will leave you with a smile and inspiration, making you want travel and see the world. They import a large number of items from Tibet, Thailand and various other asian/middle eastern countries.

Front of store

Front of store

When you walk in, all you can see for what seems as if it is as far as the eye can see, is a world of color’s and enough lanterns and lights to support a small town. Very inviting I should say. You don’t really know where to begin looking, all of the interesting items from across the world overwhelm you with curiosity. You want to know what it is like to be a fire fly? Just walk past the front of the store and you will go in without even knowing whether or not you are going to make a purchase.

If you do plan on making a purchase, be prepared to pay for quality and uniqueness because these items don’t make their way across the planet just to be sold to you at a good bargain. Each and every items was made with the same love and care by individuals like you that take pride in what you do.

What do they have you ask? Everything. Everything you should ever want had you travelled to Tibet or Thailand and couldn’t buy anything because your suit case just wasn’t big enough. If your interest is Thai silk scarves and robes, they have it. If your interest is unique, warm and comfortable shoes hand sewn, they have that. If your interest is iconic items like Buddhas, deities and tea sets they have those as well.


Hats, mitts, booties, scarves and wraps of all sorts most interestingly some of the items are made from Yak wool and special silks. After standing in front of the scarf rack, I decided on a scarf made of yak wool, which I must add is exceptionally warm. I kind of have a thing for scarves. Not exactly what you will need for climbing Mt. Everest but it will certainly combat those cold Edmonton winters that you’ve all come to love. If you are reading this and aren’t from Edmonton…I suggest you come in the summer, when your plane won’t have to be de-iced twice before lift off because it’s -45 C/ -50 F.

Oh, and did I mention clothes? Not exactly what you would wear to the office on a Monday but it would definitely be my choice of what to wear on a Saturday morning sipping tea on the patio or meditating in the park. Although, I suppose you could wear this to work, unless you have to operate or something.


So if you are looking to find what you need to get into meditation, just want to dress more lax or simply curious, I recommend checking this place out. They also have a website here. Where you can look at there current inventory and new arrivals, even subscribe to get updates on new shipments coming in. 

The beautiful thing about Polly Magoo’s is that when they sell their items to their customers, they consider the person rather than the factory that made each an every item unique. Each item has a face, a personality, because they travel the world looking  and make a point to meet vendors and choose their stock personally.

That’s the great thing about living in a culturally diverse city, is that you can visit and experience all of these things without having to travel half way across the world. Granted it’s not as authentic as having your ass frozen to a Yak crossing the Himalayas but it gives you a sense and idea of what you may be getting yourself into.

My overall experience was excellent. The staff were very courteous and inviting as well the store captures the essence of how amazing the countries are that these items have come from. They have a wide selection from furniture to clothes, linens, incense and oils etc. Check it out!


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