Having a Heart to Heart

In light of my recent post about heart health and surge of views and visitors, I decided to post on another topic about hearts. This one however, is for your emotional heart. Which I guess in some cases can be just as important as physical heart health. Not only is it heart month, but it is also Valentines Day today. I’m going to go all mushy on you now, appreciate it and learn a thing or two if you haven’t wrapped your head around the true meaning.

Valentines Day. Valentines Day. Hmmm. Contemplations are stirring as I ask myself what really is the significance of this day. Since it originated in Rome, I guess we can consider it a Roman holiday? One of which is internationally recognized. It’s funny how a holiday as significant as this one, doesn’t get you the day off work. It’s not about gifts and chocolates. It’s about love, I mean yes gifts are an excellent way for one to express their love but in reality does it truly express love like a hug, kiss or gaze does? Not really.

Personally, I say the day should be dedicated to reflection and appreciation for the things in life that you love, whether it be yourself, significant other, a pet or even your television. Each person is in love. It’s human nature. Reflect on the day, think about all that you have been through with them, think about what they have done for you and how they have made a world you are in content. All good relationships stem from trials and tribulations, that’s what builds trust and communication. Initially (i’m talking about people now), your instinct is to trust. Eventually something happens that either makes of breaks your relationship. If it breaks it, then obviously it was not meant to be, either ever or just right now. If it makes it, then you are with the right person because they are willing to stay in the relationship with you and work through any issues because deep down they know that it is going to make the two of you better.

It is ironic to think but it is better to have a relationship that has it’s ups and downs as oppose to stagnant “perfect” co existence, it is calming to have chaos. What would your relationship be if there weren’t bumps in the road. A relationship that has it’s bumps, scars and bruises, is a relationship worth fighting for. You truly learn from these, you learn who you are and who your partner is. That is key.

Check out this song. It’s my fav of fav’s and has special meaning for me.


I guess what I am really trying to say is appreciate who you have. Love them for who they are and love yourself, once you love yourself only then can you truly love another human being. Instead of buying fancy gifts and showering your S.O. with temporary affection, spend time with them and show them that you truly love and care about them.

Happy Valentines to all of you. Today, I hope love is given to you in some form. Whether it be someone holding a door for you or a cupcake from yours truly. Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Having a Heart to Heart

  1. Very nice Jamie…..this should be read world wide. My thoughts are the same and it shoudn’t just be one day that love or fondness of any sort is shown….all year long sounds good to me! Love ya!!

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