My very first bonsai bench, it has begun…

Hello everyone! I wanted to tell you all about my adventures this weekend! We had thee most beautiful weather, not a cloud in the sky nor a breath of wind could be found. The birds wear out, doin’ their thang (bow-chika-wOWow), and the bees were looking for flowers. My plans that developed over the long and arduous winter were to build a bonsai bench. At the back of my yard i’ve got a spot where it reaches a lot of sun almost all day. I picked up some pressure treated wood from Home Depot and viola!





Mind the slanted board underneath. I tried to mask it. The company that built our fence did a shoddy job. That board is out by about an inch and each plank is stapled to it so I had to build the bench around it. The bench is level, it’s deceiving I know. We don’t talk about it.

There is almost too much sun here, it gets quite hot. Today it is suppose to be 30 Celsius so I only have the aspen up there since it loves full sun and can handle the heat.


5 thoughts on “My very first bonsai bench, it has begun…

    • Edmonton, Alberta. I believe we are experiencing what is called an “Early Spring”. Although, there is no doubt in my mind it could snow in the next week or so, after all it snowed last weekend. Our springs are bipolar.

      • Do some research on the different species you own and find the sun tolerance. Most tree types will do well in full sun on normal days. The only time you would have to be concerned is after re-potting and any styling or pruning. Just don’t water the leaves during the hottest point of day.

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