Trembling aspen update

**Just a quick correction, Quaking Aspen is also and more commonly referred to as Trembling Aspen. 

A couple weeks ago I posted an article about my recent collection of the aspen I have added to my collection. Since that time, it has started budding and has really shown vigour despite changing it’s growth conditions drastically. A windswept harsh cliffside environment was it’s previous locale and now it is in a grow box in my yard in different soil with almost no organic properties and probably getting more water and attention than it ever did. It really likes the full sun which goes well with the new bonsai bench I wrote about in my previous post to you.

I just wanted to update you all on it’s progress and report to you that it is doing quite well. It has taken to the shock thus far although it is quite early to tell anything. The buds have flourished and with all the nice weather we’ve been having, I can only imagine it’s going to do really well over the next couple days. I’m going to keep it’s windswept style, it will just be a little more manicured.

This is it saturday morning before the heat.



This is it sunday evening tucking it in before bed.


This is it Monday evening when I got home from work. It was very warm out, 30 Celsius; plenty for the leaves to open up. Time to let it grow like crazy and I’ll do some minor styling later on this year. I’ll remind you that we are having an unusually warm spring, I wouldn’t be surprised if it snows soon.

“Trembling Aspen” Populus tremuloides – May 2013



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