Alberta Forest Week May 5-11, 2013

This week our province is celebrating Alberta Forest Week promoted by the Office of Environment Sustainable Resource and Development (ESRD). Thanks to one of my readers I did not know about this until yesterday. Suffusive to say, i’ll be recognizing this week from now on. The week is actually centered around Arbour Day. This year the Canadian Forestry Association and the Canadian Institute of Forestry have named Whitecourt the 2013 National Forest Capital of Canada in recognition of the region’s thriving forestry sector. Also in anticiaption of Alberta Forest Week this year, close to 70,000 tree seedlings have been delivered to Grade One students throughout the province of Alberta. A long standing tradition for the province that teaches our children about the importance of our dwindling forests and pollution. Back when I was in grade one, I receive one of these trees as well and is now over 25 feet tall. The first week I planted it my dad ran it over with the lawn mower, I don’t know how it survived but it did and grew into a beautiful tree.

If you haven’t already gone to ESRD Main office to pick up some trees, you can still do so. My co worker and I hopped on the train yesterday and headed down town where I was able to take home with me up to 15 sapling trees total. I gifted three White Paper birch and the others I planted last night.



This year trees that the ESRD are promoting are; siberian larch, scotch pine, blue spruce, white paper birch and limber pine which is endangered here in Alberta. I am particularly exctied about the siberian larch since they make fantastic bonsai as well, the limber pine because it is endangered as well it will also make an excellent bonsai and eventually become somewhat of a rarity.

Siberian Larch (Tamarack) – Larix sibirica


Scotch Pine – Pinus sylvestris


Blue Spruce – Picea pungens


Limber Pine – Pinus flexilis




For now they will call the ground home until they mature big enough to go into a grow box. I’ve panted each ~ 15 centimetres apart since they will only stay here for a couple of years. I’m not concerned of crowding sine all of these are incredibly resilient. Ever since I began bonsai the formal upright pine has always caught my eye. That is what I will be doing with these. Anyways, you don’t have to live in Alberta to celebrate forest week, if the area you live in does not recognize such a holiday, plant a tree for me and appreciate all that the worlds forests do for us. Thanks for reading!


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