Hit the jackpot

This weekend, by recommendation from one of my local readers, I ventured out to a great little garden centre on the other side of the city called Apache Seeds Ltd. On first glance the business looks as though it has been here many years and has that comforting musky smell of vegetables and soil. The real reason I went there was not for the character or personable staff but rather the pots! Bonsai pots all over the place! I struck a gold mine! They’ve got the largest collection of pots for sale than any other business in Edmonton.


I ended up picking up two pots. This one that I fell in love with because of it’s taper and low profile.


and this one because I just couldn’t help myself. Just thought I throw some moss I had that has been needing a home.


I love moss. Thanks for reading 🙂


8 thoughts on “Hit the jackpot

  1. I tried to make it Apache Seeds this weekend but just couldn’t squeeze it in. Looks like you got some nice new pots. They look great. I like the moss in the little pot. Looks great!

    • That’s too bad. Yeah I really like it there, the larger pot I really liked and it was the only one left so I bought it. Even though I went there with the intention of not spending any money. I picked that moss off one of the shrubs we brought home from the new Lowes that opened and I didn’t have the heart to see it go to waste.

      • I went there today (because of this blog) with the intention of only buying some inorganic soil. $60 later… POTS! 😉

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