Muscari kusamono

Good morning everyone! It’s so beautiful out this morning. The smell of fresh rain is in the air and the dew drops are out in full force. A while back when I posted about Remaining Picea glaucathe people I took the last of the trees from also had some interesting bell type wild flower growing in their front yard. After commenting on them I was urged to take them as they seemed more of a nuisance to them. They stem from a bulb like root and I thought they would make a perfect kusamono to one of my conifers. They are called Muscari, more commonly “Grape Hyacinth”. They prefer acidic to neutral soil, grow well in shaded areas and bloom early in spring. You can see why they would accent a conifer well. It would also have significant meaning to me personally if I used these flowers as kusamono with the trees that were gifted to me to remind me of the people I got them from. 


Sorry this image is kind of blurry. I threw the two I got into some potting soil and I’m hoping they will come back next year, maybe if I am lucky I will have a second flush of growth this season and I will get to see these beautiful flowers once again.


Maybe I’ll cultivate these under our large spruce we have in the yard, I’ve been looking for something to put there. Have a good week!



2 thoughts on “Muscari kusamono

  1. You know, I should probably get myself some accent plants as well someday. I have about 60 trees (most are or will be bonsai) and I have exactly 0 accent plants. By the way, I like the muscari u collected 🙂

    • I never really gave them any thought either but I enjoy them as much as I do my trees. Its just a couple bulbs but Im hoping they’ll come back next year. They are hard to transplant, like lily of the valley the stalks detach very easily. Thanks for reading!

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