A ride in the river valley

Yesterday afternoon I took a ride in the river valley just to get a little one on one with nature. It was perfect. What’s not perfect is that I was hoping to place a sound clip in this post so you could hear the forest I was in and look at the pictures to feel like you were there. Alas, I guess that it is time to upgrade to a domain. So, just a heads up to my readers, that is on the horizon. I’m hoping that you will continue to follow my blog as it will be powered by wordpress but be a separate entity. This way I can still use the interface and see all of your blogs which I love so much!

This is the trail where I ride.


Funky tree along the trail.


Some wild flowers growing along the ditches.


A beautiful twin trunk white paper birch growing majestically in the middle of the forest.


The tailing ponds sponsored by Ducks Unlimited Canada.



These trails and ponds are an old forest. It is hard to tell since birch do not live very long before falling over. The forest bed is covered with old trunks that have fallen over the years. Scientists still have not figured out why birch only last 60 – 80 years. Observations have been made that these trees can die in groups also levelling whole forests. It is still beautiful and I do appreciate how the city has worked hard to preserve the river valley .

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