EJCA Bonsai Exhibit 2013

This past weekend the Edmonton Japanese Cultural Association (EJCA) hosted its annual bonsai exhibit. This is the only bonsai related exhibit Edmonton sees all year. After spending Friday and Saturday out at the lake, I planned on leaving early Sunday morning to get back to the city and hop over to the exhibit. Unfortunately that did not happen as I came down with a violent stomach flu that left me sleeping on the bathroom floor all day sunday into the evening. So I missed it.

Luckily though my bonsai friend here in Edmonton ended up going and took some pictures. “JayO” name undisclosed sent me the link for his photo’s he took and so I thought that I would post them here. Please enjoy some of the talented Edmontonian’s we have, that have spent years developing these little trees.

DSCN0652_zpseb7f7cf7 DSCN0653_zps97878292 DSCN0654_zps7a238109 DSCN0655_zps5eae960e DSCN0656_zps53c5eca4 DSCN0658_zpse1bdd1a8 DSCN0659_zps0df40a87 DSCN0660_zpsd3062c6f DSCN0661_zps2f998a00 DSCN0662_zps3b2c9815 DSCN0663_zpsbf7d1a1e DSCN0664_zps0bce3520 DSCN0665_zpsdd6125b7 DSCN0666_zpsf663f0a0 DSCN0667_zps110e8f11 DSCN0668_zpscadd6fac DSCN0669_zps85303331 DSCN0670_zps042ed58b DSCN0671_zpsb54c29b8 DSCN0672_zps4b26aa6f DSCN0673_zps6f3bac49 DSCN0674_zps57503b79

I hope that you enjoyed these. Thanks to Jay for allowing me to upload them to my blog. For more of Jay’s interesting bonsai photos you can go to: Jay’s Photobucket.


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