My name is Jamie. Scientist by day, quasi artist by night.

Some may question how this is even possible. I say it is through perseverance and creative thinking. I am a person that appreciates a structured life style, a creatively structured life style that is. One of experiments and excitements. What I am really trying to say is that my life in a nutshell, is a bit ironic.


Well it’s because every morning I get up and go to work where I make sure everything is precise, accurate and just simply valid. A research laboratory requires only the best of results, after all we are the foundation for cures. That my friends is where it all starts and it is the essence of science and the principle of analytical research. Results.

After a day of test tubes and titrations, I go home with the satisfaction that we as a human race are one step closer to curing heart failure. Then of course, after about five minutes or so I hop in my pj’s, pour myself a glass of wine and bask in the glory of my personal life. Bonsai’s, Ukulele, Cooking, Running and Adventuring the world and all that it has to offer.

Some might call it boring, I call it maintaining my mantra. In other words, preventing a trip to the funny farm, because lets face it, working with several world class leaders, doctors and scientists can be a little tense. To many ego’s in one room if you know what I mean, some so big I’m surprised they are able to get through the door. I suppose that this is really just a product of my own environment. Not in a million years have I ever even given a millisecond of thought to writing my own blog and yet here I am writing in some pathetic attempt to maintain my sanity. So far it’s working and it’s only been a half hour, I guess you and I are on the right track. Of course I am going to need the support from my readers, so if you have made it this far down my bio feel free to keep going because we can both assume that it is only going to get better, and maybe if you’re feeling adventurous enough subscribe to my blog and I’ll try unremittingly to keep you entertained with my crazy antics and weird obsessions.

Which brings me to my next point. The blog. Although I expect this to change as I change as a person, I would like to think at this point in my life I am pretty satisfied with my activities that I take interest in.

How did I choose my blog name? It entailed tremendous amount of thought. My initial selection of terms were not as satisfying as I had hoped, in particular the name Steamworks. Well as it turns out, Steamworks yielded quite interesting results when coming up in google as a gay bathhouse located in my own city! Needless to say that one was stricken from the record, leaving me back at square one and feeling a little violated.


– the art of restricting the growth of a tree to dwarf it and create a bonsai.



-the study of the principles, mechanics and anatomy of bonsai’s.

That’s when I came up with Bonsology. Being a scientist and virgin bonsai grower, I thought why not put the two together. Bons-ology. Of course my entire blog is not just about bonsai’s but you can expect to see a good portion of humorous failed attempts at growing bonsai’s. There is no such term as bonsology I really just pulled that out of no where. The -ology however I thought would be the perfect combination of science and bonsai. Perfectly imperfect.

So as I continue to follow this path of dual lives, a contrast between being privileged and just down right crazy, I hope that you’ll join me and laugh with and at me and maybe provide some good feedback every so often. If i’m not off finding new cures for heart disease, you’ll find me staring at bonsai’s or curdling hollandaise sauce in feeble attempts to create a comfortable living atmosphere so I don’t go crazy.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Jamie, can you pass along to your website followers that we are having our Second Annual Bonsai Exhibit Saturday, June 28, 2014 & Sunday, June 29, 2014
    10:00am to 5:00pm at the EJCA Centre, 6750 – 88 Street
    Edmonton, Alberta. Please check out our club’s http://www.bonsaisocietyofedmonton.ca for more details. Thank you!

    Carlo Caputo – member
    Bonsai Club of Edmonton

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