I love to hear what you have to say about what I post, heck even what I don’t post. Please feel free to post comments and let me know what you think about topics that I publish! However, some comments are best left for email alone and if you prefer that you can always drop me an email or send me a message on facebook.

Please go easy on me, keep in mind that I’m a total virgin when it comes to writing and blogging. I do enjoy constructive criticism and encouragement.

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  1. Hi
    I’m needing my bonsai tree transplanted the roots are cracking the pot that’s in it do u have the correct soil for a bonsai tree and will you transplant it ?

  2. hello.. i must be the 11th person in Edmonton interested in growing bonzai lol…

    i have found this site great for info, and some more knowledge in proper care 🙂

    i am looking for pots and soil.. any idea on were to find or blend proper soil in the edmonton area?

    • Hey thanks for reading my blog. Pots are easy, I recommend Apache Seeds Ltd, they have the largest selection of pots and are very reasonably priced.

      As for soil I recommend reading my post, “Secrets in the Soil” which explains in detail what I recommend you doing. It’s all well and easy to buy a bag of “Bonsai Soil” but if you want your plants to live and thrive I would not advise doing so. Let me know if you have other questions, I’m not that well experienced but I’m here to help.

  3. Thanks for your information. I just got my first bonsai tree last week. I cant wait to see it grow. Perhaps, we need to water it more often than recommended ( 1-2 per week ) due to the dry weather in edmonton?

    • every tree is different since every tree requires slightly different soil compositions. I recommend the use of a well draining soil that will retain some moisture. Read my post secrets in the soil and I also recommend looking up Walter Pall’s blogs and reading there. Hope this helps, thanks for reading!


  4. Hey Jamie,

    Do you know of any retailers or other sources in Edmonton that I could try speaking with that specialize in growing bonsai trees? I have hit a bit of a wall when it comes to finding local people to speak with regarding this particular art form.


    • I recommend going the Bonsai Society of Edmonton’s monthly meeting every third Thursday of the month. Other than that just literature unfortunately. Retailers for the most part will only seel product as they do not grow bonsai themselves.

      • Are the meetings a fairly open thing for beginner bonsai growers to attend? Or is it recommend that you be more established before walking through their doors? I am certain that my dilapitated, little Japanese Maple won’t be turning anyone’s head just yet!

      • The meeting are welcoming. Most members are amateurs but there are a few members that are very skilled and are there to teach and help. Hope to see you there!

  5. What a pleasant page to come across, I am from Edmonton as well, and have been fascinated with reading what you have to write, thank you kindly for sharing. Robert

    • Thanks for your kind words! It’s nice to see my hard work at making something of this blog paying off. I will admit though, I kind of have fallen off the wagon recently. My interested haven’t changed, just the amount of time I can devote haha.

  6. I have always been facinated with the art of Bonsai. But back when I wanted to try my hand in it,the Internet was not as extensively used as it is now. I gave up,not knowing patience and little trees in pretty pots were not TRUE Bonsai,but you have to grow them out..taking yrs..or finding a mature one overlooked in a nursery.
    I’d like to try FICUS,Rosemary,etc,but also some outdoor bonsai…can you direct me to some good OUTDOOR Edmonton hardy Beginner species..I hear a lot of spruce is really not recommended….I haven’t read all your articles yes so forgive me if you have touched more on this topic.
    Thanks for doing this blog..we need more locals educating and cultivating new Bonsai

    • Tough to do in the dead of winter but it is possible to do everything but grow bonsai and it will keep you busy. That being, preparing to germinate seeds, cleaning your tools, pots etc. I would check out Apache Seeds on 149st. They probably have the best selection of pots. Lee Valley has the best selection for tools and soil, also try Kijiji. As for plants, you can get them anywhere just don’t dig up trees without a permit. You can also check out the Edmonton Bonsai Society, they meet once a month. I was heavily invested in bonsai but then school and work took over and ive put it on hiatus for a while.

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